Your furry friend is one of the most important creatures in your life. People love their dogs, and it is easy to see that most people have their best interests at heart. Unfortunately, even though you have the best intentions, you may be doing more harm to your dog than good and you might be doing things that make your puppy angry without knowing it.

There are many different habits humans have with their furry friends that don’t always translate well. Although we share a life with our pets, we are different species that have different likes, expectations, and body language. Taking the time to learn which of your habits annoy or anger your puppies and dogs is a great idea to improve your relationship.


Things Pet Owners Do That Annoy Dogs:

In order to keep your dog or puppy as happy as possible, consider some of these common crimes people commit against puppy happiness. Although some of these actions are unavoidable from time to time, especially when you are training a dog, keep in mind what things upset your dogs.


Eye contact is uncomfortable sometimes for people; however, staring for long periods of time can drive a dog crazy. In the animal world, staring is often an act of aggression, and dogs are not a fan of it. It makes them uncomfortable and makes them feel as though you are upset with them. Try not to stare at them for too long, especially when they look away are start getting aggressive.

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Being Loud

Shouting can be good or bad – but many dogs have an issue separating the two. Most of the time, everything comes across to them like puppy angry barking. You don’t want them to think you are shouting at them all the time. Try to keep your voice low and consider your dogs’ sensitive ears before you raise the volume. It’s not just your voice that is to blame, though. Loud music playing all day long or TV at a ridiculously high volume is also a problem. If you live in a very loud environment, you may want to doublethink getting a pet.


Like many people, dogs crave structure. When their schedule is disrupted, it can be frustrating for them when you shift up their daily routine. Constantly going to bed at different times or waking up at random hours makes it difficult for them to adjust.


Dogs need to sleep a lot to stay happy and healthy. While it is okay to wake them up to make sure they stick in a routine, you don’t want to poke them and annoy them all the time for no reason at all. How would you like it if someone kept poking you away every time you fell asleep. Puppies especially need to sleep a lot during the day just to function. Like humans, sleep-deprived animals get testy, moody, and aggressive.


Even if they aren’t sleeping, it probably is a great idea not to tease your animals. Pets are not a fan of being poked at all the time – and there is a huge difference between playful petting and blatant teasing. Young children are especially guilty of this as many of them don’t realize that they shouldn’t tug on a dog’s ears or tail. Be sure to really think about how responsible it is to get a dog (or puppy angry) if you have a house with young children.

It’s also crucial to teach kids of any age how to interact with an animal. Even toddlers can get an early start learning how to safely interact with your family dog. Be sure that you always supervise young children around animals.


You shouldn’t entirely ignore your dog either. While they don’t need to be bothered 24/7, any dog owner will tell you that they don’t want to be alone either. Dogs are social creatures and like to hang out with their owners and other animals. Being locked in cages for too long or left to their own devices all the time will lead to sadness, frustration, and annoyance. You don’t need to give your dog your undivided attention all the time, but know that they do need a lot of attention to stay stimulated and happy.


Overstimulating them can lead to frustration too, so it’s good to find that fine line between beneficial and annoying. What overwhelms a dog will greatly depend on the dog’s individual personality. They are constantly exposing your dog to different things when they already hit their limits. This could be done by forcing them to be around a lot of other dogs (or people) or taking them with you to crowded places. While it may seem fun to bring your dog along to a picnic with the family, things like fireworks can be too much for them.


One of the more innocent gestures that could be annoying your pet is hugging. Hugging is a way we show affection. Unfortunately, it is not the same for a dog. It can be scary and uncomfortable, and sadly, while your heart may be in the best place, it’s not great for them.

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Signs a Puppy is Angry

A dog can’t let you know when they are angry by just telling you, so you need to be aware of some of those telltale signs that they are upset. Some common red flags to look out for include:

  • Peeing on your Belongings

Did you come home and find that your dog uncharacteristically peed on your shoes or pillow? They may be their way of saying they are upset.

  • Verbal Cues

Dogs may growl, whine, or cry when they are upset with you. Consider it a warning before they bite you.

  • Avoidance

Dogs are known as people-pleasers who love to be around their owners. If your dog is actively avoiding you or hiding from you, there is something wrong.

  • Exhibiting Signs of Stress

Do they look at you in a weird way? Consider looking out for the body language of an upset dog.

  • Flattened ears
  • Salivating
  • Stiffened
  • Flattened tail

Your puppy is your number one priority, and it is important you do everything you can to give them a comfortable environment. Do you have any tips to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy? We want to hear from you! Feel free to share stories and advice in the comments below!


What Makes Your Puppy Angry?

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